• BAKING since 1989

    Jackson Bakery & Confectionery is a family-owned company that started off with producing traditional bread. Over the years, we evolved to incorporate modern technology into our traditional recipes, and even introduced a few new products!


    While we're constantly pivoting our business to meet changing tastes, we believe "A Jack of all bakes is a master of none", so you won't be seeing a large variety of products on our website. The upside is that you can be certain that when we say we specialise in producing these bakes, we truly mean it.


    From mixing flour and water to the delivery of the final product, no part is outsourced so you can be sure the bakes you receive are as fresh as it can get.

    We bake daily

    We partner with bakeries, cafés, caterers, hotels and restaurants to bring you fresh & delicious bakes.




    We take quality very seriously and strive to improve our systems to serve your needs.




    Other products include burgers, hotdog buns, sweet buns, peanut butter and margarine.


    For all of your quality needs

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    HACCP certified

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    Halal certified

  • Seen us around?

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    Ever wondered how rainbow bread is made?

    Click on the image above to find out!

  • You're probably wondering...

    What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

    We provide free delivery island-wide with a MOQ of $30.

    Can I choose my delivery timing?

    Delivery timings are based on our delivery routes. However, sometimes our delivery vans visit the same area twice in a day, so let us know your location, and we'll check for you.

    Can I walk-in to make a purchase of bread?

    Yes you may, do drop by and say hi!

    What is the shelf-life of your products?

    Bread products:

    - 3 days at room temperature (30 to 33°C)

    - 7 days chilled (5 to 10°C)

    - 3 months frozen (-10 to-18°C), to consume within 24h after defrosting



    - 2 months unopened, to refrigerate once opened

    - 3 months chilled (5 to 10°C)

    Do your products contain food allergens?

    Our products may contain traces of allergens such as nut, peanuts, soybeans, tree nuts and milk (including lactose) etc.

    How long in advance do I have to place an order?

    All orders have to be placed one day in advance before 3pm, so that we can ensure all our customers receive their bread fresh and on time.

    What payment methods are there?

    We offer the following modes of payment: cash on delivery or online payment.

    How do I get a sample?

    You may obtain samples at our factory - we'll be most delighted to meet you to showcase our breads and spreads! Just let us know in advance when you will be arriving so we may prepare the samples for you.

  • Get fresh with us.

    Excellence never stops.

    Jackson Bakery & Confectionery
    Every day except CNY 7:30am - 5:30pm